Months in Review-Part 1

So, I realize I have been away for a while. Mostly due to being on vacation and wanting to spend every possible second I could with family. I kept telling myself that I had too many pictures, and now that I have gone through them all I realize I was right. So to save your eyes from straining, I will break my picture showing up into a few posts. Just be aware that there will be LOADS of pictures coming your way over the next few days! Hope you enjoy!

The Hubs and I decided that we wanted to spend the 4th of July with his family. We started the trip by motorcycling and camping through Southern Utah. We stopped at Bryce Canyon for a few days and went sight seeing and hiking.

The views were amazing. I really love how the land is shaped. It's remarkable and defiantly has a story to tell. If you ever get the chance, go to Bryce Canyon. Trust me, it will be a trip you will remember always!

 Isn't the land beautiful?

 I love how the trees grow straight up. They desire to find the light so they grow tall and strong. It's very interesting.


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