Summer Time- Part 3

 After a fun week with my in laws and family, my amazing husband let me stay three weeks with my family. Poor guy, I know that was a huge sacrifice, and although I missed him a ton, I loved that I got to spend that time with family. Especially my little brother. The baby of the family is all grown up and now on his mission serving in the Scottsdale AZ, spanish speaking mission.

Before he left we got in some really fun activities.

I tried my hand out at golf (my brother and dad are HUGE golfing fanatics. I really have never met anyone who loves the game more than they do.) Turns out I am pretty good- with a lot of direction. I had a golfing high I wanted to go again the next day, it was so much fun!

We also spent pretty much every day either at the Lake or playing in the river. Paddle boarding is my new favorite thing. It's so calming. I especially love when the paddle hits the water and makes those swirls. So fun!

 We are goobers
 Such a pretty course

 Noah, Jakey and Ajers

 The best dog in all the world! This sweetie loves water just as much as I do!

 Kayaking and catching fish

 I tried snails for the first time at this French restaurant, it was not my thing.

 The BEST doughnuts y'all! So tasty 

My stud of a grandpa when he was a young man. He has been gone for over 10 years now, but oh, how I loved that man.

KiKi and Ajers holding hands. Getting ready to go to Church

 Wack-o. I don't know what I would do without these fools! Missing Joshie (and now, Jakey) sooo much.

Seeing the mountains is like a piece of my soul returning. I have missed them.

 Elder Johnson on his was to the MTC in Mexico City


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