Summer Vacation- Part 2

I feel kind of silly posting all these pictures but I hate to leave any out. I know less is more but I already feel like this is WAY less from the amount I could be posting. So, I guess you'll just have to deal!

After Bryce Canyon camping happiness, we headed to Bear Lake, Idaho to spend the 4th of July. My family in law has a lake house right on Bear Lake. It's the most fabulous thing ever! They built it when my honey was little (He loves telling me stories of things he helped build) and go there as many times as they can fit in during the summer. Words really can't describe how fun, relaxing and and all around amazing it is.

In addition to Bear Lake, over the week of the 4th,  we spent time in Logan, UT. We went to the car show- which is always super cool- (however after a few cars I'm totally done! ha) and we saw REO Speedwagon in concert. That was fun, I only recognized like 5 songs, but the people watching was worth it to me.

We also went to Paris, ID for the 4th of July Parade

Ok enough talk here are some pictures!

 This really cool storm came in while we were at the lake. It didn't rain long, but some really cool colors filled the sky and the clouds looks neat.

Oh, Bear Lake, why can't we be closer?!

My favorite person in all the world! I seriously smile just thinking of him!


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