For no particular reason I just felt like talking about this amazing man today on my blog. So, if mushy-gushy talk makes you irritated then please don't read because there will be a lot of it. 

For those that are new around here or may have not read our story, let me give a little background on us. Daniel and I met at BYU-Idaho. It wasn't like a "love at first sight" type of story. I mean, sure, I thought he was super cute (he says he thought the same thing) but he thought I hated him and I thought he was way too cute for me. However, by chance we gave it another shot and it just clicked from there on out. When we were dating I would often think about how great a husband he would be and how lucky I would be to call him mine. There was a lot to like about this guy. He was funny, super smart, talented in everything he did, he worked hard and had a huge heart. I started to fall in love with him quick. I just couldn't help it. Now fast forward almost 7 years later and I have come to find that all the things that I liked about him I now LOVE. Don't get me wrong, we can both get on each others nerves (no one is perfect) but there is just so much more good than the bad. He makes me laugh so stinking hard. I love his quiet humor and his quick wit. He has a funny personality which makes life so interesting. 
I love that he gets intense about his passions and interests. I will never understand why cars are so exciting to him but it's cute to see how happy they make him. He is still the smartest, most loving, hard working man I know. Which is funny because I remember growing up thinking that no one could out shine my daddy, but if there had to be someone, I'm glad it's him. I love this man more than I can express and am so blessed to have him in my life. So thank you Daniel Lover for making my life such a happy place. Thank you for all the love and good times you truly are my blessing. 


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