Casual Friday

Shirt: Loft, Pants: Loft, Sneakers: Marshalls (similar)

I have been all about Loft and Marshall's lately. I'm noticing they are my go to stores, for good reason. I love how Loft clothing fits and I love their style (Ann Taylor also, but of course, they are sister stores). And then there's Marshall's. You cant go wrong there! It is my first stop when shopping, because I know I can find great fashion at an even better price and thats exactly why I love it. 

Friday is the perfect day for a white top, jeans and sneakers. And to tell you the truth, that is all I've been wanting to wear lately, that or sweats. (good thing I got those awesome, lounge pants. Lounge pants are just a chic word for sweats) 
Ok, let me just tell you about these sneaker. I saw them  on Friday night while The Hubs and I were shopping for marbles. (sounds funny, I know. We are planting flowers and needed some marbles  and husband was sure we would find them at Marshall's-I wasn't about to argue.) I tried them on, really loved them, (they are as comfy as can be) took them off and thought..... Spun them around in my hand a few times, carried them around the store, and then when we were all done looking (for marbles we didn't find), for some bizarre reason, I decided not to get them. I literally thought about them the rest of the night. And when I woke up Saturday morning, my head popped off the pillow, (like that Brian Regan skit- Stupid in School, watch it. It's hilarious!) and I realized that if I didn't go back to Marshall's right then, they would be gone. So naturally I went to Marshall's and now they reside in my closet, as happy as can be! Moral of the story, when you find sneakers that you love, buy them!

Happy Friday!



  1. The sneakers looks like such a perfect touch of casualty into this outfit. I think that other pattern than leopard will not work so perfectly!


  2. I know what you mean about leaving something in the store and then going back the next day! I've decided I can always return something if I change my mind once I'm home - but when something is sold out I'm out of luck and I regret it for a loooong time!! Cute shoes, happy you went back to get them!

    I really love how you paired a dressier top with your cute tennis shoes, so adorable!!

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