Spring Shoes

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If you are anything like me you love, love, LA-HUV shoes! My husband is constantly telling me I have too many. Our closet is full of pumps, booties, and flats. Poor guy has a small corner dedicated to his shoes,  however I am certain that too will become woman territory. So, in a way he is right I have a lot of shoes, but too many? Never!
Naturally, with the spring season in full swing, I had to find some great shoes. These are shoes that I recommend for the Spring.
I love the stamped, or punched out, leather look. It was really big last Spring and it continues on this season. For me stripes are always a go to and on these casual yet interesting flats, I just don't think you could go wrong. Pastels are a huge trend this Spring, and a really fun/easy way to wear it is on your shoes. Lastly I love the interesting, bulky leather straps on shoes this season. It's a fresh, modern take on the casual shoe strap.


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