New Year, New Beginnings and a Brighter Outlook

So... I've spent so much time trying to avoid the "New Year, New You" everyone seems to be going through. Thinking that some how I'm sooooooo above the resolution making and empty promise keeping. But, then I realized that this resolution making is actually liberating. It's freeing in a lot of ways, (of which I am sure most of you have already come to the realization of), It's, at least I think it should be, a promise you make to yourself. "I'm going to be a better person, I'm going to let go of all my little thinks that hold me back and keep me from being the person I want to become." In a lot of ways this resolution making process is like giving away your sins. Giving them to God. Kind of like the repentance process. Letting go of all the "yuck" and promising to be better in the New Fresh Year, where you can be a New Fresh You!

So I did I made my resolutions. I wrote them down and even explained how I would accomplish them. (which is the path to getting things done- write down your goals, don't just think "oh, well I've got them in my head so it's fine." NO! write them down, explain what they mean to you and how you'll achieve it. Or, at least the first step to success.)

But then I got to thinking about my blog, and how it really hasn't become as successful as I want it to be, and maybe I should just let it go, don't beat a dead horse kind of thing. I thought, "I've fallen and it's ok, just bow out gracefully". But then I read a great talk by a great man. If you haven't read (or re-read) President Uchtdof's Oct. 2013 Priesthood Session talk you need to! It's all about starting over and allowing yourself to fall and have the courage to get back up again. (here is the link to his talk, You Can do It NOW!)

So I re-read my goals for the blog and I realized I wasn't really following the outline that I had set in place. Yes, I want this to be a fashion blog. But mostly I want this to be a real life blog and a feel good blog. A place where people (women especially) can go to feel empowered. I wanted to make this blog a place where girls, like me, could read and feel beautiful because of who they are and not because the media told them so. When I say girls like me I mean girls that grew up feeling like beauty was only obtainable if you looked a certain way or wore a certain size. Which I think is most everyone now-a-day with all the media we have out there the message of real beauty is getting muddled and I want to make even the smallest dent in clearing that message up.

So if you want to feel good, learn about fashion, laugh at all my nonsensical quirks then please Keep Reading!!!!

"Our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble, but by the number of times we rise up, dust ourselves off, and move forward" -President Uchtdorf



  1. First of all I love your outfit!!! Good job resetting your goals and keeping up with the blog. It's my favorite one out there! Love you sister!!

  2. Wow, your hair!!! Seriously, it is so amazing! Keep up with your blog, it's beautiful and always brightens my day!

    1. Oh thank you so much! I will keep going, I really Co enjoy doing it.