A Little Rusty

Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Steve Madden (via TJ Maxx)

Still on our house hunt, and like I said before it takes every last minute of our time. I noticed, as we were taking pictures, that The Hubs and I are both pretty rusty at this picture taking business. That and the fact that it was 800 degrees last night (not literally, but I seriously have never felt so hot in my life!) made it a little difficult to take pictures. But we did and I have to say My sweet Hubs is the best sport. He is so good to me I just love him to pieces!

Ok so about this outfit. I found this GORGEOUS skirt at Ann Taylor like 3 weeks back on the sale rack. But it just so happened that it was an extra 40% off of sale price so I got it for an even better deal! It's so pretty, very bridal, which makes it kind of difficult to wear because I feel like I am super over dressed. But I guess you can never been super over dressed, right?! However to help play the skirt down a bit, and help it look like everyday wear, I paired it with my plaid shirt that I tied in front. Still dressy but at lest I felt like I could walk out my front door with out feeling like I was supposed to be attending a formal. Ha ha 



  1. I absolutely love this!!! What kind of fabric is the skirt?

  2. Mandy! I am so sorry I didn't ever see your wrote me. It is a silk material