Long Time No See

Earrings & Shirt: Francesca's, Skirt & Purse: Old Navy, Necklace Forever 21

So I have to start off by saying it has been a LONG time! I think over a week that I have posted a blog post. When I started my blog I swore that I would never go longer than a day or two-not that my blog is extremely important to all of you, but it is to me. Ha ha. But obviously that one to two day time frame was a little ambitious. Or maybe I need to be more organized. Ha but there are so many variables you, or I rather, can not control. So here is the real reason I haven't posted in a while- And I have hesitated in saying anything just because I feel like if I do mention what's going on it won't happen-again this is just my way of controlling a situation that really can't be controlled. Don't alarm yourself everything is fine and everyone's health is just fine. The Hubs and I are just looking for our first home! It's been so very exciting but it literally takes up every little free second we have. If we aren't looking at homes we are searching new homes that came on the market. And then comes the stress of it all. My honey wants one thing and I want something completely different. It's almost comical how different our opinions can be on certain things. For example we looked at a house last week that I loved! Everything about it was adorable. It was a little country home with so much charm and great upgrades. I thought The Hubs and I were on the same page, and then we went home to talk about it and he HATED the whole thing. ha ha Like I said, comical right? But we will find the right one, I know it! It just depends on when HA HA! So that is my life right now. It's been fun, but just know if I am not posting it's because I'm stressing. Ha It does feel good to get a blog post up and get this off my chest. Now I don't feel like I have a secret and I can share my life's experiences with people who care. ha Thanks for caring! And reading!


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  1. Oh I hope you guys find something... hopefully here!