You guys! I have so many pictures to share with you all. My brother just got home from a two year LDS mission and I got a little picture happy. But before I get into all that, and as I sit here at the Pheonix Airpot (a three hour layover) I'll share some of our hiking photos.

After my brothers "homecoming" I got to spend a little more time with him which I loved. We went hiking early on in the week which was a good thing because the next day it snowed! SNOW, people. From 68 degrees to snow. I actually enjoyed it but that meant no more hikes. 

My brother took me up to Devil's Canyon. Which is a trail in the Colorado National monument (which is literally my parents backyard. Talk about a pretty view.) the hike was gorgeous and so wonderful to breath the brisk air but I was for sure worried about mountain lions the whole time. You hikers out there have to tell me if you ever worry about being eaten by mountain lions? 

My brother assured me that we were safe, and if not he had a pocket knife and our trusty dog, Nitro, would protect us if all else failed. Still I was still concerned the whole time. But we survived and I have some great pictures to help tell the tale.

Our start up the trail. It was hard to breath coming from sea level, but I did it!

Halfway mark before our hike down into the canyon.

Pretty views and wild flowers at the base of the canyon.
My super sweet brother and I on our way out of the canyon.
I had a great time spending a bit longer with him. Love you my brother. And goodbye Colorado. You will be missed! 


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