Daniel's Birthday

My sweet, amazing and very handsome hubby just turned 29 at the beginning of this month. To say I'm thankful for him is a vast understatement. He is for sure the best person I know. He's my very best friend and I'm so happy to call him mine. I threw his a big (you're getting old!) birthday bash with the help of my amazing friends. It was great fun but the best part was having all the attention on my Daniel.

He loves getting pictures taken, can't you tell?

That smile is the best. I'm a pretty terrible gift giver to my husband but this year my mother-in-law and I got him a good gift!

Birthday food was the bomb! Thank you again to those that brought a little something. My friends are so talented.

I got handsome Daniel trick candles and it was allot of fun to watch him try to blow them out. He is a good sport though!

Picture booth was a success! Some of our friends had to leave early and weren't able to take pictures. But I'm so glad they could come at all and celebrate Daniel. 

Happy birthday my sweet Daniel. I'm so happy I get to spend forever with you!


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